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New Website

Nice work
Mike Bareham

Great stuff

I stumbled across your site whilst exploring the Woodford & Wanstead Camera club, which I'm intending to visit. You have some great and diverse stuff on here, particularly the atmospheric Steam gallery and theatre images. I enjoy photographing landscape and architecture.


Hi Martin

It was great to meet you on Friday at the Bluebell photo shoot. I have taken a look at your website and, as I thought, you have both taken some beautiful photographs. It has inspired me to carry on with my photography.


Curtains Photos

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the photos - safely delivered via my mum. Gosh, there's a lot on there and they look great.
Katie Waller

Photo of myself and Jo

Hi Martin,
Thanks very much for sending the picture, you were right it is a nice one.
I just had a look at your website too you have got some great images up there!!
Speak soon.
Nick Webster

South park

Hi Martin
Photos are great! Did you manage to capture any good images from South Park?
I think its still locked!!
Nice to meet you.
Tony Beaumont


hi wendy & martin, great photos see you on the bike soon , tony & kath.
anthony Barclay

Web site.

Hi Martin and Wendy,
Great to have a browse of your site, impressed yes! Variety of work in mono and colour showing some lesser known subjects. Your viewpoints all your own, observing the world around you as photographers should. Hope you post more images for us to see and pour over.
All the best Ron and Maggie. See you Friday.
Ron Tear.


Hi Wendy and Martin,
Just looked at the web site. I am impressed with those images, showing a healthy style of your own. Good variety of work, some of them I would have liked to have taken myself. Be inspired by what you see.
Ron Tear.